In todays video were making 5 KETO/LOW CARB vegetarian meals! HOPE YOU ENJOY! XOXO THUMBS UP FOR ANOTHER KETO MEAL VIDEO!

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  • Wow. Keto doesn't seem so hard with these recipes! Please do more so I can attempt to get on this diet train haha

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  • My day 1 fav youtuberrrr

  • The collagen is vegetarian it's just not vegan

  • First like and then watch hahaha me everyday you post Hahahah Ly 💕💕

  • In the long-term, a ketogenic diet actually has a metabolic disadvantage, since low-carbs + low calories = less T4 to T3 conversion….more than enough to offset the increased thermic effect from higher protein intake.
    Don't confuse ketosis with the basic laws of thermodynamics. Everything is still governed by calories in vs. calories out. You can be in ketosis, eating above maintenance calories, and have a net gain in bodyfat at the end of the day. Remember, just because you're in ketosis and oxidizing fat at a higher rate doesn't mean you're not storing fat at a similar rate or higher.
    On the flipside, you can be eating a high carb diet, eating below maintenance, with a much lower rate of bodyfat turnover but a net loss in bodyfat at the end of the day.

  • What is the keto diet ?

  • Where did u get your cheese 🧀 from??

  • Desssssss nuts hahaahahaha hahahaha

  • Great meal options 😍👍

  • hey sam! i know being veggo must be hard enough but do you think you could bw high fat low carb as a vegan? if so do you have any suggestion ? x

  • Coffee Hack – "Bullet Proof" Coffee you need high quality 2tblspn MCT OIL & 2tblspn grass fed unsalted butter per 8oz coffee. Put it in the blender for about 15secs. Basically a hot buttered Latte.

    FISH LOOKS AWESOME – thanks for the reco!

  • I should probably watch all your videos to understand but have you gone paleo or thought about it?? Also for you coffee you should try to blend it!! Use your exact ingredient but just put it in a blender and blend it and it gets frothy and super yummy it's a must try!

  • Chickpeas aren't keto-friendly, coconut milk shouldn't be consumed like that- only the cream of it, since it's has lots of carbs. I think you got the whole idea wrong, firstly you'd have to count the amount of carbs you're consuming daily, that would be no more than 20g. Every piece of food you put in your mouth should be counted, otherwise you won't get into ketosis, you're either in ketosis or not, you can't half ass it.

  • You're doing the coffee wrong you need to blend in a blender and it will break down the oil in the water

  • Chickpeas aren't keto

  • So many parasites in fish yall do your research before consuming parasite infested fish. SO gross literally..

  • this diet is literally filled with saturated fat and cholesterol and you're programming your body to use fat instead of carbs for energy which is unnatural. you can lose fat without this crazy unhealthy diet and without the added risk of heart disease.

  • I'm always scared to do keto because it's high fat (I know it's good fats) but will I not put on fat?

  • Love these meal idea videos! xx

  • you have to emulsify the oil in the coffee by blending..

  • Soy is a hormone disruptor. avoid it