4 Month Keto Diet Results – Low Carb High Fat Weight Loss Update

4 Month Keto Diet Results – Low Carb High Fat Weight Loss Update – Ketogenic Diet before and after pictures, success & weight loss results. Weight loss transformation and motivation journey.
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  • I know exactly what you mean about the impluse even if you don't want them. The other day I saw a lamington and vanilla ice Krispy Kreme picture at a service station and I thought for a split second oh those look good I should get one and then I thought oh yeah I'm on keto and I don't really want them but the thought was so engrained that I see something and then want to try it. It was the first time in forever that I actually had the pull of advertising. Keto in that sense has except for that one time has cut of the pull and emotionality of food for me (and advertising). I usually don't even notice things like that until my 3 year points things out. Before keto I wouldn't have had that ability to think about it rationally it would have been in my mouth in 2 secs flat.

  • well done!!!

  • absolutely amazing progress you look so different! I also catch myself, I was unwrapping a lollipop for my daughter and went to lick it and I stopped myself and it happened a few times. haha. Habit.

  • That is so awesome that you have found something that you love! ALSO, amazing progress, girl, you look absolutely fantastic!

  • LOVE your videos!!!!! Congrats girl!!!

  • I was stalled for two months and I decided to start actually measuring and weighing my food (and tracking it all in an app). I realized that my "eyeball guesses" were waaaaay off and I was actually eating too many calories. Especially stuff like heavy cream and sour cream, etc. It can really make you go over on carbs and calories.
    Once I started doing that, I started losing very quickly again!! 4 pounds this past week! Maybe worth a try. I was so resistant because it is so much effort to track, but having an app to do it really makes it less of a pain. Hope that helps you!
    You are looking really great! So proud of you! Great dress. ☺️

  • I've just this week added back my first "sweet treat" in some high quality, organic 85% dark chocolate and it's ridiculous how satisfying it was! Trying to not make it a habitual part of the day so I can save it as a treat when I'm really wishing for a sweet to keep it special but not deprive. Your love of strawberries and cream makes me smile. 🙂 I'll be trying it this summer when local strawberries and blueberries come into season. Great job on your keto successes!

  • how can I know how many calories for me and how much fat should I eat,by the way I have pcos so well it help???

  • you make the Keto diet look so easy. thanks for your videos. so inspired!

  • have u tried jello and whip cream in the can they have chocolate to hunn

  • It's amazing how quickly body shape changes on keto even when the scale is not moving. You look fantastic! I enjoy your videos. Thanks.



  • Good job!

  • You look so happy, and your skin is glowing. Beautiful! I just started doing the keto diet. I am 6 weeks in and have already lost 22 pounds.

  • OMG! Been Keto for 3 weeks and today I caught myself standing over a sheet cake just staring at it for what seemed like 10 minutes before I walked away.

  • I love love berries and cream. I got that from you. How do you just want a little of dark chocolate? I have no control and I love dark chocolate. Your awesome. I'm reducing carbs somewhat and changing the carbs. I'm doing protein mainly. Thank you for the options. xo. God bless hun.

  • FANTASTIC!!! Great non-scale victories! : () Yes, there are a lot of "habits" that need breaking.

  • Congrats and good luck!

  • Congrats that's me a beginning lazy keto lol I added the intermiting fasting.

  • Your doing great, I've seen all that food your eating i couldn't see the weight lost before this picture, congratulations

  • Thank you sooooo much for becoming a YouTuber, I looooooove your videos and you have an amazing mindset, I'll be following you on your journey, congratulations on your weight loss, I will have you and your videos to thank when I shed my weight, thank you for the infinite ideas!! You rock!!

  • omg Yes. I keep almost eating my kids snacks as I prep them.

  • Just stick to this diet. It works. After a year you won't look like the same person. My ex lost half their body weight on this diet.

  • I'm so proud of you! I'm on day 2 of keto and I'm so excited for this new lifestyle!

  • what do you do for electrolytes? do you watch calories?

  • this video is so inspiring that it almost brings tears to my eyes when I see.your weight loss. I am hoping I will also lose the weight. I eat very similarly to you and I have lost some weight since starting two weeks ago and I love the food! the only problem is I have Polycystic Ovaries which causes a raft of problems in the body with the major issue being weight. A gynecologist once told me that if a.normal person runs 3km to lose weight, I would have to run 9km to lose the same amount of weight. So, yes I am trying to focus on how I feel within my body rather than being obsessed with the scales. Insulin resistance is just so gut wrenchingly awful.