30-Day DNP and T3 Transformation

20lbs lost in 30 days! Jesus one of our biggest fans and experimenter, his protocol was 200mg dnp every other day, 50mcg first 2 weeks, 75mcg the third week and back to 50mcg the last week of t3. he did not get suppression after cycle. his diet was not ketosis it was paleo or low carb, he was taking 75-150g of carbs a day. His exercise routine was 2 days a week of running, 3 days a week of running and 4 days a week of weight lifting an minimal side effects.


Disclaimer: we discuss prescription medications that should only be used under doctor direction. This video is not medical advice, it is documentary of my experiences and other bodybuilders sharing their stories not to encourage anything, just to share some information and education on one particular situation for entertainment purposes.

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  • his 9% bf is more like 25% wtf

  • Trev, keeps mouth shut, v. Wise. Don't get dragged too far into Tony's cheesy commercialism. I hope he pays you well.

  • BF% looks way off. 9% looks more like 15% and that's liberal too

  • The BF calculations are way way off; just go by the weight. At 208*0.13=27lbs of fat on body and 191 total lean mass (that would be a mass monster folks); That means at 191lbs he has 0% BF lol, and his 188 weigh in means he had -2% BF lolol.

    With the look of his build, I say he has no more than 140 or 150lb lean body mass; if we use 150lbs lean body mass, he has 58lbs of fat, and 58/208 = 27% BF; if we use 140lbs, he has 68lbs of fat and his BF is 33%.

    I think it's fair to say at 208lbs he was 27-33% BF, not 13%. 13% is some really wishful thinking on his part. And on my part, I don't wanna look like 13% BF if that's what it looks like lol. I'm probably close to 17-20% and I look leaner than his 188 picture.

  • His DNP cycle was 200mg EOD; that is a super super low dosage! Like next to zero dosage. And he claimed "he really felt the heat side effects?!?!" I call BS. I feel nothing at 200mg ED let alone EOD. I take 750mg (crystal, less potent than powder, 250mg crystal = 200mg powder, so 750mg = 600mg powder). I am sweating my ass off especially in my sleep. I cycle on and off to get a break from all that sweat, take 2 days off a week, and so my whole work week is not a sweaty mess.

  • in really he went from 30% to about 20%

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  • I know someone who used this and they say their strength melted away with the fat and muscles.

  • br?

  • I'm 16% bf and I look about the same as the day 30. I'd say he started at about 25% BF…

  • If that is %13, I'm now competition shredded.

  • i notice all of these Gear guys are bald or thinning.


  • ok so i have a serious question. my dnp cycle was fucking amazing. i built up to only 400mg and i ended up losing a ton of weight in about a month. i was constantly hungry and had to sometimes eat junk to satisfy the pains. the sweating and whatever wasnt too bad. but about 4 days after cycle i feel horrible. im not eating bad and im still working out like normal. could it be that my body was burning off all the sugar so quickly that my body changed a little bit then totally shocked the fuck out of it when i stopped the dnp and my body is regulating back to normal? its like i felt better on cycle than off cycle. 2nd question… my hunger on t3 was intense, my hunger on dnp was almost not tolerable. then i watch videos like this about taking both together? how the fuck can you function not eating everything in sight with stomach pains all day long?

  • i took 600mg in one dose for 1 day and threw up for about an hour straight within 10minutes of ingesting that

  • hi, nice body man. hey, im on keto diet, i lost 50 lb but my body fat still at 29% . DNP WILL HELP ME OUT? i just neet to drop body fat. can you loint me to the right direccion? thanks in advance

  • This guy tho…..I think his first statement was, "yeah i was already pretty low"(bf% wise)😂😂😂Waaaaat? Def Newb. He the type to OD on a multivitamin and get all Flintstones chewables banned. What a Jabroni and he just called La-thar-gee (tiredness) Leth-er-gy. Dude just said he was single digit bf% The whole time Trevor must be thinking💬Ahhhh! Wrong, its all wrong!!!!

  • Please i want to see these STUDIES , where can i find them ?

  • Those body fat percentages XD XD XD hahaha

  • Bro was not 9%

  • Serious Q, How does dnp compare to 4 weeks of perfect diet and exercise with a classic ec stack. It's easy to talk huge numbers but I'm interested in actual real long term results off someone who's actually cycled it given the very real risks if used wrongly.

  • more from 25% to 17%…

  • What are you using to measure composition?

  • If he's 9% in the after picture with no abs then I'm 2% and the most shredded MOFO on earth.

  • LOL, he is over 13% at day 30. xD

  • Anyone got a source for dnp or t3?

  • Bitch tits also how is he measuring bodyfat%?

  • where can i order your Enhanced athlete Dnp? to south africa

  • 13% to 8%???? Dude there is no way that you are even close to 13% on the 30th day. Maybe 16…Maybe…

  • No one in that room is 9% bodyfat rofl.

  • I weigh 198 ib . How much dose should I start at if I'm going to do the T3 for 4 weeks . Please help and thank you

  • Maybe 25 percent body fat day 1.

  • relax guys they just missed a number he is 133%bf take it easy mistakes hapen.

  • Oh nice I didn't realize I was 3% BF until I watched this and seen what 9% looks like.

  • He loose all his lean mass and this is due to T3 that eats his proteins. You better push him to make a bulking cycle in order to catch it up!

  • Tony you as a bodybuilder should know this guy isn't a t 9% he doesn't have no muscle definition at all me at 235lbs 23% BF have way more muscle def than this guy you Tony just let me down

  • LMAO, 13% at 208lbs. If that's true then I was 3% when I was 208lbs and now at 196lbs I must be 0.5% body fat to his 9% at 190lbs in comparison. At 5'10" I am WAY larger(muscle wise) and WAY WAY leaner and I know I'm well over 15% body fat

  • tsk tsk claims? i've actually seen it cure diabetes type 2 and read a study saying it kills 85% of Myeloma ( a form of cancer )the exact cancer my grandmother has and she will live longer than the maximum 3-5 years given to her before, she's already at year 3. would a doctor dare prescribe this to even a terminal patient? NEVER. everything to gain, nothing t lose and they stil wont do it. Jokes on them because she's living longer than any body ever said she could shes had so many things happen to her it isnt funny, mental scars, chunks of calf missing from cancer, surviving breast cancer, numbness in the legs, asthma, losing the ability to walk. DNP Injections localized by a doctor would of controlled 85% of it! the study actually had that as the low number the minimum. obvious we arent equipped enough with the knowledge to site this right, but orally it's been done, and she's been able to do all the things she used to not be able to. If my doctor wasnt so fucking stubborn and gave a fuck about anybody or anything at all he'd of at least looked into it, but no. do whatever you want but seriously if people have cancer and diabetes what have they got to lose? if your born with never producing insulin, you cant cure it, but for everyone else you can. not only that, i didnt mention the fat burning effects so she was fucking ecstatic about that being nearly 80. it has been proven, in REAL STUDIES to be more effective than chemo and fuck whats the other one…. radiation therapy i think, combined. but guess what the doctors want, her to do more chemo and radiation that will cause further damage. for crying out loud base your opinion on the advice of doctors don't run with it. i'm glad your using it as a disclaimer to cover yourself but it truly is magical, especially when there willing to prescribe any medicine with a laundry list side effect profile 2 pages long.

  • Trevor cant cope with this guy and his 9% guy

  • Why is the bald go always so miserable and quiet

  • he was 13%? :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD it was at least 23% BF in the beginning and maybe 18% at the end.

  • Where do i get dnp???

  • You guys are attacking this guy Jesus for no reason, who cares what body fat % he was, it's obviously not about that. There are clearly results attained and he had the balls to put himself out there publicly, never an easy thing to do.

    Stay swell and swole!

  • haha I was looking online for pics for body fat cause that looked wrong, then I see all the other comments. those percentages are way off

  • Acute oral exposure to high levels of 2,4-dinitrophenol in humans has resulted in increased basal metabolic rate, nausea, vomiting, sweating, dizziness, headache, loss of weight, and other symptoms.
    2,4-Dinitrophenol is considered to have high acute toxicity, based on short-term animal tests in rats and mice.
    Chronic Effects (Noncancer):
    Chronic oral exposure to 2,4-dinitrophenol in humans and animals has resulted in the formation of cataracts and skin lesions and has caused effects on the bone marrow, CNS, and cardiovascular system.
    The Reference Dose (RfD) for 2,4-dinitrophenol is 0.002 milligrams per kilogram body weight per day (mg/kg/d) based on cataract formation in humans. The RfD is an estimate (with uncertainty spanning perhaps an order of magnitude) of a daily oral exposure to the human population (including sensitive subgroups), that is likely to be without appreciable risk of deleterious noncancer effects during a lifetime. It is not a direct estimator of risk but rather a reference point to gauge the potential effects. At exposures increasingly greater than the RfD, the potential for adverse health effects increases. Lifetime exposure above the RfD does not imply that an adverse health effect would necessarily occur.
    EPA has low confidence in the study on which the RfD was based since this study only describes anecdotal data; low confidence in the database since the supporting database is meager; and, consequently, low confidence in the RfD.
    EPA has not established a Reference Concentration (RfC) for 2,4-dinitrophenol.


  • Brah that's the worst 9% body fat ever

  • Started at 13% my pasty white ballsack 😂😂😂😂😂

  • This fucking guy lol 9 percent lmao

  • 9 % is waaaaaay off and he is not even close to 15 %.. more like 17/18%