3 Months Intermittent Fasting Transformation – Low Carb Diet – Best Gym Accessories – S.S. Ep. 15

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To My Clients,
Please do not attempt anything I say or do in any of my videos until you consult it with me! This is just a variety of videos displaying my life in a nutshell. Last thing we want is for you to get thrown off track. Thank you!
A healthy living and longevity is what makes you powerful.
Become someone who you can admire days to come.
Live your life in comfort and ease by becoming someone who lives a healthy lifestyle.
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  • First off, I would like to say that this cut has actually been going well. Although every week there is a set back, I still manage to meet a goal within the month. So, by October 3rd, I should be looking hell of a lot better.

  • Good God you're so fine😏💖

  • cut is going well bro. definetly looking leaner.

  • biceps are bigger than ur shoulders

  • I lost 75 pounds. I can not say enough about exactly how wonderful the “loli special plan” is. If you are not familiar with it, search for it on Google. You’ll be surprised by what you know.

  • That ass chest is looking clean!! Pack of Hot Dog this guy!! Keep it up bro

  • dam bro I've seen enough, get off them roids man. you won't last long with it

  • Bro I've seen all your videos and I've noticed you've been working out for four years. You should look way better then what you do. If you have stubborn belly fat you need to forget intermittent fasting and diet. Honestly you don't look too much different from when you started. Just keeping it real with you.

  • Great Job Man !!
    Could You Check Out My Channel If You Have Some Time On Your Hands

  • Good job broski. how much is low carb for you?? i was wondering, it shouldnt matter how much carbs/fats you eat as long as youre in a calorofic deficit no?

  • I like the Shin Chan eyebrows

  • how tall are you? you look pretty bulky for 158 lbs.

  • eyebrows are on fleek like a complete boss !! =)

  • Good stuff.

  • You are a beautiful man

  • Hey , did you took any sort of Supplements with Intermittent Fasting ?
    Because I am starting it too , but I want to know that if i need any sort of Supplements for it ?

  • I gave up Cola about 3 weeks ago and lost about 4 pound, which has really pissed me off. I'm about 205 lbs at the moment, wanting to lose about 20 lbs. Never really heard of intermittent fasting before, would you say that you've found any cons with it so far, or has it been mostly pros??

  • that triceps pose is looking sick bro. Nice definition. kudos from the uk

  • Do you take a preworkout ? I'm wondering if it will break my fast? I need something to give me a boost?

  • Hi! I like so much this type of videos, with before-after resuts. Please, keep update your progress with us.

    How is called that app¿

  • Whats the name of this beat

  • More videos bro

  • great vid man the struggle is real but have to push through 😉

  • that eyebrow game is serious

  • bro thats great stuff do u have a video on what ur eating in day hight fat low carb?

  • dude, i have the same body type. i'm about 5,8 feet. 153 lbs, i still look bulky because of my height. doing IF and i also have that fat around my lowerbelly and back….

  • U look like eddie alvarez 😝😎👊 keep it up champ

  • Nice videos man!

  • Dominican/Puerto Rican drake haha 🙂 Nice video

  • This is the first video of yours that I've seen…I was wondering…what are you keeping your daily caloric deficit at? Is there a specific number you're trying to hit, and if so, where did you come up with that number?

  • I wish I had run into the “fizy unique plan” years ago while i was dieting for my wedding. I really could have done with losing 12 lbs back then. You ought to check it out on google!

  • mate i lost muscle during 16hour fast 8 hour feast method. what i did wrong?

  • how much do you weigh here bro?>

  • you nearly turned me gay when you was posing

  • I haven't weighed 150 since the 7th grade.

  • What's your ethnicity?

  • wow man I've seen many of ur videos u have really come a long way bro.

  • Dude I just commented on your video from your first month of IF. You have done a fan fucking tastic job bro

  • you burn a load of calories off lifting them eye brows on your face

  • looking good

  • shouldn't you keep calories lower to get better results from the fast?

  • strong love handle feels. I know how it is. looking thick, solid, like bags of sand though bro