2 Months Intermittent Fasting Birthday Transformation ll Low Carb High Fat Diet ll S.S. Ep.13

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To My Clients,
Please do not attempt anything I say or do in any of my videos until you consult it with me! This is just a variety of videos displaying my life in a nutshell. Last thing we want is for you to get thrown off track. Thank you!
A healthy living and longevity is what makes you powerful.
Become someone who you can admire days to come.
Live your life in comfort and ease by becoming someone who lives a healthy lifestyle.
Being fit can help you do all of this.
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  • Just an average joe trying to get better day in/day out….NATURALLY!

  • Hey man, you look good.

    I had a couple of questions. I used to weigh 182 and now I'm at 160. I don't do cardio but is it bad that I lost this much weight? Can I still build mass or muscle? I changed to being a vegetarian so I cut out a lot of chicken.

    Also, I want to develop more of a chest so can Dumbbells help because I don't have a bench press at the gym?

  • How long is your eating window

  • Bday Gains bro!! Great Job!!

  • Do you ever get digestion problems while intermittent fasting? Just wondering because I've had slow digestion lately and I'm wondering how to fix it. I already drink a ton of water and I get in fruits and vegetables daily. That would be awesome if you could give some advice, thanks

  • am happy for you ! good luck but remember you ave to keep some fat to live LOL.
    this is my second day on IF wish me luck !

  • Sweet video man, theres a huge difference from start to finish of the 2 months!
    Check out my newest video man, uploading daily for August!

  • rar!! all this time i thought i was subbed to you. My bad bro. I was wondering why i wasn't seeing you in my subscriber video list. That problem is fixed now. Your defo leaning out man. Keep up the hard work bruh!

  • Good vid bro nice wheelz!👊

  • Bday gains!! Liked

  • Great progress man! Keep it up!

  • what's been your total weight loss so far?

  • How tall are you