137 Low Carb and Muscle Building

Low Carb and Muscle Building – and Insulin, Energy, Fat Loss and Strength

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  • Steve I'm disappointed to see you have gone soft on your low carb stance. I guess you want to try to appeal to all of your viewers and supporters and approach the issue from a neutral stance. Where is the Steve who told low carb fad diet trolls not to watch his videos?

  • Hey Steve, love ur info. Just wondering what do u do pre workout? Do u take supps or do u have a meal. If u have a meal what does it contain? Do u train fasted? just wordering. Ur vids so informative !!!

  • More videos about how beginners should approach working out. Split workouts, full body work outs? Like this so steve can see!!

  • "I'm Steve Turano" + looks and sounds 100% like him giving 100% his style of advise, ofcourse he must be someone else, JUST because his channelname is different… You're either trolling or making no sense.

  • yes

  • Hi. I have been working out for quite some time now. Since the last 3/4 months I have been really hitting the gym regularly and maintaining a decent nutrition intake. But my muscle growth has been not very impressive, especially my arms. My triceps seem to be developing at a really slow or no pace. I am an ectomorph and have been doing everything there is in the book(trust me on that one). So my question is why am I still not getting those decent results. Thanks a lot, respect from India.

  • don't forget carbs are also brain food!!! tell this to lowca…lifecoachcory…he thinks he's a super saiyan now…seriously

  • Great video Steve. When I was fairly sedentary the low carb diet worked well for me. Now that I train incredibly hard, I NEED carbs in massive amounts. Nothing is funnier than watching a person trying to train on a paleo/adkins/low carb diet. LOL.

  • Great video steve.I'm not very active but i workout with intensity (saying that because i am getting a bit bigger and stronger as the months go by).I don't know if i'm insulin resistence or not but you sure gave a very good motivation boost to do cardio.Since i am and was not planing to decrease my carbs or my daily calorie intake and i wanted to perform better without gaining fat.If cardio increase the efficiency of the calories that i take in,still make help get bigger and stronger.Thanks!

  • Today is a great day Steve. That loser pretending to be you (Steve Turano) had his account terminated. You no longer have to worry about that fat piece of shit saying nasty things to other channels under your name. Just thought you should know.

  • Where can I ask a question? – Well Steve if you read this I want to know- if someone works out at night does one need to eat after the workout? (Either Cardio or muscle building) ?

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  • carbs on training days. waxy maize & bcaas for intra work out. no post workout sugars. low carbs, high fat and high protein, green vegs on non training or cardio days. < what do you think of this approach?

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    I signed up the other day. See exactly what goes on. Not to mention the mans emails are great!!!

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