13 week transformation with FREELETICS


absolved a 13 week training with freeletics in addition to low carb diet. Outcome was very effective.thx

  • hast du cardio/strenght oder nur strengt gemacht?

  • nice transformation,keep it going!

  • Sebastian. Awesome transformation buddy. What was the diet like? Did you eat grains? Go vegan? Go paleo? This is what the people need to know as 80% of gains are going to come from what you eat. Thanks

  • respekt an die veränderung! du hast vorher nur freundlicher geguckt als hinterher 😉

  • Good Job !!! 

  • worst squats ever… other than that impressive!

  • good job mate

  • RESPECT…..

  • Inspiring. What diet plans did you come up with while doing Freeletics?

  • What exercises did you do ?

  • How was your diet?

  • encore étudiant à 31 ans ???….ben mon gars….

  • Great transformation

  • Great jobs. My questions: did you use the coach or just use the free/pro app? And did you manage to do the first 50 burpees in one go? I need to stop at 12/15 and i'm just 3kg overweight and 35j old. 🙂 

  • do you use a fat burner , and what is your diet ?

  • Approximately how many carbs

  • richtig gut

  • JBL

    Good transformation and work! But man, these are NOT pullups you do. When you grab the bar, your thumbs should be on the inside, and you should be able  see the back of your hands… Otherwise, it's a way easier exercise, and the muscles working are completely different.
    Anyway, seeing your progression, it seems it wasn't such a problem after all 😉 

  • Nice job! Got the premium app and made an attempt on Aphrodite round 1 today.. No way could I do 50. 2×12 and one 7 was my first day. Almost got sick.It's no joke!  I'm about 88kg so not far off where you started. Also curious about the low carb diet. You were not paleo judging by your comment below.. Protein shakes?.. 

  • Mind over matter well done!

  • Bei deiner Ausführung von Kniebeugen, schadest du nur deinen Gelenken

  • You only did the "Aphrodite" program or ? Great job !

  • He basically traded joy for abs 😀

  • Parfait wow !

  • Ok well I need some help I've been doing freeletics for 15 weeks, I was a little smaller then him to start with by I have not had that same transformation, still got some chunk around the belly and I've been downing protein shakes as well, I have some small gains on chest, arms, I have a two pack but that's it, no gains on legs. So either these guys are full of shit or I'm one of those poor cunts who are genetically fucking doomed to have a fat belly and no fucking muscle.

    Doing the strength course only
    Low fat calorie restricted diet, with protein powders.
    4 days a week.
    I've busted my gut for 15 weeks I look better but no where near like this. Beginning to think I've been done hook line and sinker.

  • I am amazed and going to pay for this. I need to do something i think ill pay the 6mnth plan perhaps. I am 30lbs overweight and lost my muscles over the years. I cant accept that anymore. I see to many of these videos and one can be bullshit but not this many. I bought protein shakrs creatin and am trying to clean up my diet the best but i am lost at what to eat. I copy youtuber diets for bodybuilders. I hope i will get results because i cant do nothing anymore. When u feel something is wrong its up to u to make it right and not bullshit urself. I need to fix my body up. I got to buy the stuff i set up accnt and will begin a few days. I spent so much money on protein the pull up bar etc etc. All freeletics video inspire me i hate the gym and wud love home workouts better

  • Song is: Machine Head – Days Turn Blue To Gray. the part you can hear in the video is around 3 minute mark into the song. Also great inspirational video 🙂

  • Hi Sebi, are you training yet? How are you named in app? Great job!