#067 The Keto Diet Podcast: Fast Tracking Fat Burning

START your high-fat, keto life:

Interview with Justin Mares from Kettle and Fire, chatting about the difference between fat adaption and ketosis, signs of keto flu, how to use bone broth, and so much more.

Business Contact: business@healthfulpursuit.com

✿✿ TOPICS ✿✿
How to overcome keto flu (18:58)
What to look for in a quality bone broth (30:40)
Combining exogenous ketones and bone broth for fat burning awesomeness (38:27)


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  • Kettle and fire is top notch bone broth.

  • How do they make it non-perishable?

  • Wish it was avail in Canada! – Calgary

  • Can the tetra packs they come in be frozen or would it be poured out and frozen in other ways?

  • Hi Leanne!  I purchased your book and I am currently in the first week of the Keto plan.  I am so excited to finally shed those pesky 15 lbs, not to mention feel better!  I spent a week studying your book and this week I officially started.  Pasta is my biggest weakness and I'm looking forward to putting that craving in the past.  I'm dining on the One-Pot Hamburger Dinner and it's DELICIOUS!  I love to cook so eating well is not a problem for me and my husband.  We need to work on balancing our meals and eating throughout the day.  Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful information.

  • Traveling through SE Asia. So much rice and noodles. Wanted to point out that the wonderful soups and pho' makes these people look very young. Because of the amazing broth with collagen